A Little About Me

Hi there and welcome to my blog. I measure 32G-25-35, 5'7" tall and I weigh around 130 pounds, a lot of that being the weight of my boobs. They are enhanced with 1200cc implants each. I have been in the adult industry almost 10 years now and really enjoy doing it. I am a part time model since I live in San Antonio, Texas, way off the beaten trail from the business being based in California. I have done over 100 videos and a lot of them you can buy on my on-line store at www.Deauxmastore.com . I have appeared in many magazines like DCup, Gent, Score, High Society, Hustler just to name a few. I also have three websites (See My Favorite Links Section listed below). I am very bisexual and love to play with women just as much as men, both at the same time is even better. That is a little about me. Enjoy....Kisses, Deauxma

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Like My New Corsett

I just wanted to show off my new corsett a dear friend bought for me just recently. It really makes my boobs look big. He also bought me a few more. I will get those pics up soon.
By the way, the answer to my favorite hamburger resturant is Applebee's and my favorite type of food is Italian.
I will be doing a live and free cam show for members of my websites on May 1 at 10 PM ET. The theme is Lacy.
Kisses, Deauxma


Hugo said...

Your tits are amazing!i would love to squeeze them. you're such a hot mommy!i love you!come to portugal so i can meet you!kiss


martin said...

those tits are amazing and your body is as hot as any milf.you lookk sexy and horny in anything you wear.one look at any pics of you has my cock erect striaght away and to see you naked or fucking is awesome,but also to chat online you are also a really nice person.

kisses and love

Deauxma said...

Glad you like them. i just love huge boobs. wish i could find more women with them. I can't wait until my vacation to Cancun when i will be joined by my friend Minka, her boobs are 10 times bigger than mine.


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