A Little About Me

Hi there and welcome to my blog. I measure 32G-25-35, 5'7" tall and I weigh around 130 pounds, a lot of that being the weight of my boobs. They are enhanced with 1200cc implants each. I have been in the adult industry almost 10 years now and really enjoy doing it. I am a part time model since I live in San Antonio, Texas, way off the beaten trail from the business being based in California. I have done over 100 videos and a lot of them you can buy on my on-line store at www.Deauxmastore.com . I have appeared in many magazines like DCup, Gent, Score, High Society, Hustler just to name a few. I also have three websites (See My Favorite Links Section listed below). I am very bisexual and love to play with women just as much as men, both at the same time is even better. That is a little about me. Enjoy....Kisses, Deauxma

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Routine Monday

It wasn't much to chat about. My hubby and I wet to our regular day jobs and did pretty much the same routine.  Stopped in at McDonalds for a quick bite.  After work we went home to change clothes for our bowling league. We takes turns bowling since we have 5 people on the team. My hubby and I switch off each week. He bowled last night and I sat back and watched and chatted with girlfriends.  One of which is very nosey about the swinging lifestyle, but is afraid to ask.  She is always hinting.  Afterwards we headed home and I did some work on the computer and then called t a night. I told you t wasn't much to talk about.   Deauxma

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