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Hi there and welcome to my blog. I measure 32G-25-35, 5'7" tall and I weigh around 130 pounds, a lot of that being the weight of my boobs. They are enhanced with 1200cc implants each. I have been in the adult industry almost 10 years now and really enjoy doing it. I am a part time model since I live in San Antonio, Texas, way off the beaten trail from the business being based in California. I have done over 100 videos and a lot of them you can buy on my on-line store at www.Deauxmastore.com . I have appeared in many magazines like DCup, Gent, Score, High Society, Hustler just to name a few. I also have three websites (See My Favorite Links Section listed below). I am very bisexual and love to play with women just as much as men, both at the same time is even better. That is a little about me. Enjoy....Kisses, Deauxma

Friday, February 20, 2009

Finally the Weekend

TGIF everyone.  It has been such a busy week for me with my regular job and just around the house work.  

Just to let everyone know that I am heading to Miami, Florida for a month to be part of an on-line reality show. I am getting a makeover. So I will spending my time getting myself overhauled and spending time in a house with 7 other girls in the show. The show is basically about the 8 of us getting our makeovers and having it broadcast on-line. I do not know the site as of yet, but will post t when i know.  I leave for Florida tomorrow.

I have also gotten into biking. My husband got a mountain bike about a month ago and loves riding. So yesterday we went out and got me a bike so I can also ride the trails. Also get some good excercise out of it. I will also be doing a photo set or two on the bike in those tight riding shorts.  

I was contacted by a country and western singer and he wants me to be in his next music video. I will play the part of a MILF in the video. I am suppose to start filming that in April.  That should be exciting. When the time gets closer I will pass on new information.

The attached picture is of me on set of a film being shot in LA while I was in makeup. I love being pampered. 

One last thing... I will be heading to Cancun or Tahiti, or maybe both later this year and I would love to have some new bikinis to do photo shoots in.  Anybody have one that you would like to send me so I can do a shoot in them, please do.


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